Stump Grinding and Removal

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Stump Grinding and Removal in Cape Coral Florida

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If you’re someone who cares about the condition of your lawn, then you will want to make sure that the stumps in your yard are removed. Overgrown stumps can cause a lot of problems with your lawn, including tripping hazards and even pest infestations. Fortunately, getting rid of these stumps is easy if you’ll hire Clean View Tree Services SW Florida. We are a quality tree service provider in Cape Coral, FL that has been providing effective stump grinding services to clients for years. Learn more about our work by giving us a call!

Why should you choose us for the job?

When Getting Rid of Stumps Is a Good Idea

The reason you should get rid of stumps in your yard is that they can be hazardous. For instance, stumps can cause tripping hazards as bare soil can be seen from a distance. Imagine having to mow the lawn and having to cut through thick grass to get to these stumps. Because of how thick the grass is, you could get injured in the process. Moreover, if a stump isn’t removed, unwanted plants will start growing on it. This is where weeds come from, and they can be a nuisance as they can take away from the beauty of your lawn. If you want to totally get rid of these stumps, try our quality tree service.

We Can Grind Stumps!

To remove stumps from your property, you should consider hiring our team of experts. We make use of effective stump grinding tools as well as cutting-edge equipment to completely remove stumps from your yard. We’ll clear the area first so that nothing will get damaged during the process. We’ll then proceed to grind the stump until only a small part of it is left. We’ll also grind the ground around the stump so that new plants will sprout.

Clean View Tree Services SW Florida is the quality tree service provider that you can count on to grind stumps in your yard. Does the stump in your yard in Cape Coral, FL need to be removed? You’ve come to the right place. Give us a call at (239) 677-9679 today so we can start grinding stumps right away